A safe and simple solution to a “chilling” problem


Natural gas wellhead freeze-up can be a significant problem, affecting production and profitability on wells from Canada to Texas. Over the past several years, the Maxi-Heat towable heating system from Allmand Bros. has become the widely regarded clean, simple, and cost-effective solution to this problem.

The Maxi-Heat may be easily towed to the wellhead and quickly set up to warm the head and allow the gas to once again flow freely. Every Allmand MaxiHeat towable heater produces a total of 1,100,000 BTUH (at sea level) of clean heated air from its twin enclosed heater units, and its 85-degree Celsius temperature rise ensures that there is plenty of heat, even in the most frigid environments. Up to 33.5 metres of flexible ducting can be attached to each of the  two heater units, allowing the heater to be situated well away from the head.

Of course, not only does the Maxi-Heat thaw frozen wellheads, it is often used to keep them open and free from freeze-up in the first place.

Heating a potentially hazardous environment 

Providing heat in a natural gas field presents a unique set of challenges. Explosive gas accumulation from a leaking wellhead or other source is always a possibility. Facing this challenge, Allmand has partnered with General Monitors, one of the most trusted names in oilfield and refinery safety, to create a combustible gas detection and shut-down system for the Maxi-Heat. With this system, if potentially dangerous levels of gas are detected in the vicinity of the heater, the General Monitors system shuts down the Maxi-Heat’s engine, generator, and heater units, and operates an explosion-proof strobe warning light on top of the heater cabinet. All of this occurs well before the gas accumulation reaches the Lower Explosive Limit in the atmosphere. The highly-visible strobe also serves to alert personnel in the vicinity that there may be a potentially dangerous situation that must be corrected.

The General Monitors combustible gas monitoring system is optionally available on all new Allmand Maxi-Heats and the system is also available to retro-fit into most existing Maxi-Heat trailers as well.

Increased fuel capacity

Also new to the latest generation Allmand Maxi-Heat is increased fuel capacity. Three separate tanks now hold a total of 250 US gallons of diesel fuel, allowing over 30 continuous hours of unattended operation. A separate 100-gallon tank fuels each of the two heater units, and an additional 50-gallon tank powers its diesel generator set. As an added benefit, the new molded polymer tanks are stronger yet lighter in weight than steel tanks and will not rust or corrode. One advantage to having three individual tanks means that no single tank is over 450 litres (118 US gallons). This brings the trailer under the fuel capacity limits of Transport Canada regulation CGSB 43.146, meaning that no initial or subsequent tank certifications are required, resulting in a substantial cost savings over the life of Maxi-Heat trailers falling under Transport Canada regulations.

Allmand Bros. Inc., established in 1938 and now in its third generation of continuous family ownership and operation, is a top industry leader in portable worksite heating and lighting. Allmand’s Night-Lite PRO, Maxi-Lite, and Maxi-Heat continue to make worksites around the world brighter, warmer, safer, and more productive.

Visit www.allmand.com or call 1-800-562-1373 to learn more about the Allmand Maxi-Heat and General Monitors safety system.


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