Making the case for getting your company into social media

By Stewart Muir Is there a case for smaller energy and energy services companies to engage in social media? There are significant pros and cons to wading in, so it is no wonder this can be a hotly debated topic for management. Nothing is easier than avoiding the question completely. If your expertise lies in […]

Natural gas pipeline agreements with First Nations

The B.C. government has entered into 64 natural gas pipeline benefits agreements with 29 eligible First Nations (more than 90 per cent) located along four proposed natural gas pipeline routes. These agreements are helping to establish long-term working relationships that include sharing benefits associated with the natural gas pipelines and providing support for LNG development […]

Increasing the market for LNG and renewable natural gas

The Government of British Columbia is taking action under the Climate Leadership Plan to support investments by natural gas utilities that will increase the use of LNG and renewable natural gas in the transportation, marine and other sectors and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. “We’re working with utilities to stimulate the use of LNG as […]