British Columbia natural gas industry being driven by LNG potential

Contributed by Gary Leach, executive director of SEPAC, Canada’s Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs™ The North American market for natural gas has been flooded with low-cost supply, primarily from shale basins in the U.S.  British Columbia’s natural gas is at the far end of the pipe when trying to compete in this continental market but fortunately […]

Rigs rethink site leadership

By Cindy Soderstrom The oil patch has its rough edges.  Grease, dirt, and mud all play significant roles in the workday.  Rig equipment is heavy and built for tough operations.    

Optimism and caution for HRBPG: Spring 2012 activity update

By Kathy Smith With the persistent downturn in the price of natural gas, northeast B.C.’s Horn River Basin is seeing slightly less activity tempered with optimism in anticipation of an eventual gas price correction.