CAPPA: proudly serving production accountants for over 50 years


What is a production accountant?

Production accountants perform the accounting tasks relating to volumes of oil, gas, and water that are separated from the well effluent. Every month, production accountants determine each party’s share of production from the wells, each party’s volumes held in inventory at the facility, and each party’s share of products that are sold from the facility.

What’s new at CAPPA

2011 marked the 50th year that CAPPA has been an association. We are very proud to have reached that important milestone. Since we are volunteer-based, it is a tremendous accomplishment. We couldn’t have done it without the great work of our volunteers.

While we do promote social and networking opportunities for our members, we also have committees that look at new regulations and procedures that may impact our business and we ensure that our members are well-informed. We do this through an online magazine called RECAP. This is the primary way we keep our members up-to-date on all of CAPPA’s business.

We also offer a comprehensive certificate program that is widely viewed in the industry as a minimum requirement to work as a production accountant. Our seminar programs are also very well-attended as these cater to a specific topic that will help production accountants in their day-to-day work.

CAPPA objectives are:

  • To strengthen the profession of production  accounting.
  • To provide a forum for the people interested  in the compiling and reporting of production  statistics in the oil and gas industry.
  • To represent this section of the industry in a  technical and procedural capacity when dealing  with other organizations or government agencies.
  • To develop an education program designed to  assist the individual member, the company, and  the industry as a whole in efficient production  accounting practices and procedures.
  • To promote a cordial relationship among all members of the association.

CAPPA member privileges

  • Online RECAP magazine
  • Up-to-date industry information
  • Preferred pricing for educational luncheons and seminars
  • Conferences
  • Social events

Our members have access to extra website content including:

  • The CAPPA job board
  • Salary survey results
  • Membership surveys
  • Materials from CAPPA presentations

CAPPA program overview

What can a CAPPA certificate do for you?

A CAPPA certificate opens doors in the oil and gas industry and leads to a career in production accounting.

What is involved in taking the CAPPA program?

The program consists of five levels (45 hours per level) plus 100 hours of registry (government reporting) modules.

What are the prerequisites?

A high school diploma, but accounting courses or an accounting diploma would be an asset.

If you would like more information on our education programs or you would like to volunteer for CAPPA, please visit us on our website at We look forward to hearing from you!


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