CAPPA: proudly serving production accountants for over 50 years

What is a production accountant? Production accountants perform the accounting tasks relating to volumes of oil, gas, and water that are separated from the well effluent. Every month, production accountants determine each party’s share of production from the wells, each party’s volumes held in inventory at the facility, and each party’s share of products that […]

Continued growth in B.C.’s Northern Rockies – where opportunity is at its peak

The services and personnel required to explore, develop, and produce shale gas resources continue to pay dividends in the community of Fort Nelson and the Northern Rockies region. The signs of growth and expansion are everywhere, with even greater potential around every turn.

Three reasons the B.C. Based Business Platform is essential for the B.C. oil and gas industry

Sandra Minifie, CEO of Action Health and Safety Services, in Action’s reception area in front of the company’s B.C.-based business certificate. (Action was one of the first ESBC members that was certified as a B.C.-based business). In spring 2012, Energy Services BC (ESBC) announced a new service that will help ensure a strong oil and […]