Innovative Solution Delivers Additional Natural Gas to Eastern Markets on Canadian Mainline

TransCanada Corporation today announced that it has secured 675,000 gigajoules (GJ) (630 million cubic feet) per day of new natural gas transportation contracts from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) on TransCanada’s Canadian Mainline. Its North Bay Junction Open Season resulted in long-term, fixed-priced contracts for service that will reach markets in Ontario, Quebec, the […]

Mega Projects! What BC’s LNG Development Means for Canada: New MLI Report by Philip Cross

As Western economies have struggled with the upheavals brought about by globalization, technological change, and disruption, one sector remained consistently strong for Canada: the energy industry. Put simply, Canada’s economy cannot prosper without a growing and healthy resource sector. However, while this sector fills such an important role in Canada’s economy, it too has suffered, […]

Working together to help fight Bill C-69

We’ve had many emails from Oil Respect supporters asking us if there is a way we can all work together to help our industry fight Bill C-69, and the answer is yes. Save Canadian Jobs is a digital campaign being shared and promoted by a large network of industry and advocacy groups with the goal of […]