Stikine Energy (TSXV:SKY): Proximity proppants for Northeast British Columbia

Apache rig on Patry Road. Unconventional drilling and fracturing has unlocked large-scale shale basins all over North America, with some of the best targets in Northeast British Columbia. Development of these basins requires vast quantities of proppants (man-made or natural frac sand). B.C.’s shale basins have no local proppant supply and the material is transported […]

Advanced science and advanced protection with Petro-Canada Lubricants: Petro-Canada Lubricants is proud to support Canada’s oil industry

In Canada, the oil industry has a life of its own. It breathes global change, pumps success and feels the impact of environmental challenges. At the heart of this business beats the machinery that keeps it running every day. Petro-Canada Lubricants is dedicated to providing high performance solutions to protect these vital assets across the […]

Kamber’s “can do” attitude: Kamber Energy Services

The world-class natural gas resources in northeast British Columbia’s Horn River Basin (HRB), Liard Basin, and Montney Basin have attracted billions of investment dollars from many major producers.