NCS Multistage proves the performance of discrete fracture placement in the Montney gas play

On December 2, NCS Multistage has announced successful deployment of the company’s patented Multistage Unlimited® frac-isolation system to complete four Montney gas wells in the Pouce Coupe field. The Multistage Unlimited system has been widely used throughout Canada and the U.S. and is gaining momentum in the deeper basins due to encouraging production results.

The NCS system employs a cemented annulus and single-point injection through patented GripShift™ frac sleeves to provide precise control over individual frac stages to generate enhanced reservoir contact. The four wells had a TMD of 11,483 ft (3,500 m) to 12,467 ft (3,800 m) and an average TVD of 7,021 ft (2,140 m), with a total of 50 frac stages successfully placed. Five screen-outs were encountered and all were remediated with little interruption of completion operations. A total of 3,330 tons (3,020 tonnes) of proppant was placed.

“Our goal is to offer operators predictable and verifiable hydraulic fracturing programs that offer top efficiency and enhanced production results,” said Shawn Leggett, NCS Multistage Canadian business development manager.  “Multistage Unlimited is once again proving its potential in the Montney gas play, expanding the NCS footprint in Canada.”

Based on initial well performance, the operator has announced plans to use the NCS Multistage Unlimited system for future Montney completions.

About NCS Multistage

NCS Multistage is the world leader in coiled-tubing-deployed frac-isolation technology used in multistage completions. NCS is an independent technology and services company that has operated throughout North America, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, China, and Russia, with a record of more than 5,700 field successes. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas. More information is available at

Multistage Unlimited and GripShift are trademarks of NCS Energy Services, LLC


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