Oil and gas amendments protect people and environment

Michelle Mungall, Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, has introduced amendments to the Oil and Gas Activities Act that will better protect people and the environment.

The proposed changes will support a made-in-B.C. approach to methane oversight that is equivalent to federal regulations and provide a legal framework for off-site environmental mitigation.

These amendments will create the legislative framework for a complaint mechanism that allows the public to request an investigation of alleged contraventions of methane emission regulations and requires the BC Oil and Gas Commission to investigate.

Additionally, the amendments will support government’s actions to strengthen environmental protection and remediation in areas where oil and gas activities occur. For example, mitigating impacts to caribou habitat within an operating area by treating or restoring previously disturbed caribou habitat outside of the permit holder’s operating areas.

This legislation will ensure British Columbia remains a leader in reducing upstream oil and gas methane emissions, and supports the province’s habitat protection and recovery efforts.

SOURCE: Government of B.C.


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