Making natural gas clean with a “hole” lot of pressure

When it comes to energy there’s no denying that it’s a part of our everyday lives. But when we turn on a light, turn up the heat or fill our car how often do we think about how the energy got there? One everyday source of energy is natural gas. Natural gas is used in […]

Canadians back increased market access for Canadian oil, poll says

Seventy-five per cent of Canadians agree Canada should use domestic oil before using oil from foreign sources, according to a national poll conducted by Ipsos Reid. And Canadians surveyed overwhelmingly support pipelines that will serve Canadian markets, with 80 per cent in favour of moving oil sands crude from Western to Eastern Canada.

A Northern Gateway partnership

It’s known as the Northern Gateway project. But, for more than a decade and counting, Enbridge has viewed this as the Northern Gateway partnership. Northern Gateway is a proposed $6.5-billion energy infrastructure project that would link Canada’s oil sands with emerging Pacific Rim energy markets. At the same time, Northern Gateway represents the evolution of […]