A safe and simple solution to a “chilling” problem

Natural gas wellhead freeze-up can be a significant problem, affecting production and profitability on wells from Canada to Texas. Over the past several years, the Maxi-Heat towable heating system from Allmand Bros. has become the widely regarded clean, simple, and cost-effective solution to this problem. The Maxi-Heat may be easily towed to the wellhead and quickly set up to warm the head and allow […]

How the oil & gas industry can use A/R financing to better manage cash flow

By Dan Effa Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/68751915@N05/6870876951/ Business owners often feel like banks don’t have any money to loan right now, and tight loan restrictions are a reality for most businesses today. With bank loans no longer a feasible option for many companies, business owners need to seek out alternatives to secure the capital needed to […]

The changing face of geosciences in the 21st century. What you need to know to survive

By Larry Herd The changing geosciences world It wasn’t long ago (at least it seems like just yesterday) that the domestic upstream oil and gas industry was still in the exploration phase – looking for new reserves, exploring for new play concepts and enhancing technology to find new resources. Our geosciences disciplines were generally isolated […]