Nexen releases 2012 Sustainability Report

Nexen Energy ULC reported today the release of its 2012 Sustainability Report, a review of the company’s health, safety, environmental, social and economic performance for the year. The report outlines Nexen’s performance in 2012 and includes trends for the past three years.

FuelFX brings revolutionary Augmented Reality Mobile Applications to Energy and High-Tech Industries for Training and Marketing

Complex technology stories come to life as FuelFX, a Houston-based multimedia and interactive application firm, takes communications into the next dimension with animated, three-dimensional augmented reality graphics and connective media. “At FuelFX, we work at the intersection of technology and creativity” Augmented reality enhances the viewer’s current perception of reality by seamlessly integrating 3D objects, sounds, […]

Human resources for BC’s resource economy

By Jen Reid, on behalf of the British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA)  Long before many of the proposed LNG, pipeline, and resource projects get in the ground, many communities in the North are already feeling the pressure. With several Northern cities already at three to four per cent employment – essentially, anyone who wants a […]