A potential game changer – Nexen pursues a top-­tier shale gas play in northeastern B.C.

Advancements in technology have enabled the cost-effective recovery of shale gas — a potentially game-changing resource for the world’s energy supply. Shale gas, which is found in abundance throughout many continents, is an affordable, clean-burning fuel. For Calgary-based Nexen Inc., An upstream oil and gas company that develops energy resources in some of the world’s […]

Tumbler Ridge: impressive opportunities. Population: 3,000

Tumbler Ridge is not what you think it is – in fact, it’s much more than what you might have heard.  It is a community that continues to redefine what opportunity and quality of life are in Northern B.C. Over the past decade, the town has been a victim of its own success.  Their massive […]

CAPPA: proudly serving production accountants for over 50 years

What is a production accountant? Production accountants perform the accounting tasks relating to volumes of oil, gas, and water that are separated from the well effluent. Every month, production accountants determine each party’s share of production from the wells, each party’s volumes held in inventory at the facility, and each party’s share of products that […]