Spectra Energy: Measures of Success

By Rosemary Silva


Some would say success is measured by awards, accolades, even popularity. Here at Spectra Energy, our benchmark comes in the form of meeting and exceeding our stakeholders’ needs. More specifically: it’s our ability to connect B.C.’S natural gas sources to growing market opportunities, and in turn, fuel long-term economic prosperity.

Achieving operational excellence

We are proud of our excellent track record. We’ve spent 55 years building, operating, and maintaining more than 2,900 kilometres of transmission pipelines in B.C., connected to 3.3 Bcf/d of raw gas gathering and processing facilities. These assets extend from the Canada/U.S. border to as far north as Fort Nelson and beyond. While looking forward to continued growth, we never take our eye off day-to-day operational excellence. Our highest priority is the health and safety of our people and the protection of our assets and environment. We aim for sector-leading high performance and strive to continually improve our level of reliability, stewardship, and customer service.

Delivering long-term value

Spectra Energy offers the advantage of connection – to supply basins…to demand…and to future opportunities. In our gathering and processing business— which is the largest of its kind in Canada—we have 16 processing plants in operation. They are primarily concentrated in northeastern B.C. and northwestern Alberta, with two more under construction and a third pending reactivation. In our B.C. pipeline business, which has formed the “backbone” of the province’s natural gas industry since 1957, we serve most of British Columbia and half of the U.S. Pacific Northwest, with connections into Alberta and beyond. Not only does that provide excellent coverage to traditional markets, it also places Spectra Energy in a premium position to help satisfy growing demand from new markets in the Asia-Pacific. We have great confidence in our ability to unlock additional longer-term value by leveraging our expansive asset portfolio with a proven ability to execute on our commitments.

Committed to customer responsiveness

Through decades of establishing, maintaining, and extending routes for our pipelines and plant facilities, Spectra Energy’s integrated system has become integral to the success of B.C’s natural gas industry. We are committed to additional expansion opportunities to serve our customers’ evolving needs.

A few years ago, we began a significant expansion program to respond to increasing gathering and processing demand. By the end of 2012, we will have invested about $1.5 billion in expansion capital on northeast B.C.

In the Fort St. John and Peace River Arch areas, where the vast Montney shale play lies, our bissette pipeline was completed last year and the Dawson Gas Processing Plant is nearing completion. When the plant is operational in the second quarter of 2012, its addition will give the company a total of 1.5 Bcf/d processing capacity in the Montney area. Our Jedney and highway plants and associated gathering systems are receiving de-bottlenecking improvements in 2012, and 2013 will see a planned reactivation of our Aitken Creek gas plant.

Our four-year multi-phase Fort Nelson expansion program is also nearing completion, and by the end of 2012 we will successfully bring into service its final component – the new 250 mmcf/d Fort Nelson North Processing Plant. Together with existing area infrastructure, this expansion places Spectra Energy in lead position within the Horn River Basin, having more than t 1.2 Bcf/d of raw gas processing capacity and associated gathering pipeline in the Fort Nelson area.

Looking ahead, we are advancing on several opportunities to unlock liquids value for Montney producers, which may lead to additional investment opportunities in the future.

To support this gathering and processing growth, we are also executing on over $400 million of pipeline expansion projects to provide Horn River and Montney producers access to increased supply diversity and market optionality.

An expansion of the T-North Pipeline system is currently underway. The first phase, which increases capacity by 170 mmcf/d and provides a new 500 mmcf/d connection into the Alberta market, is almost complete. To date we have completed the addition of 24 kilometres of 36-inch looping between Compressor Station N4 and Compressor Station N5 on the Fort Nelson Mainline, brought into service a new Solar titan 250 compressor unit at Compressor Station N4, and finished construction of the 20 kilometre 36-inch Stewart Lake Pipeline lateral extending from the Fort St. John Mainline southeast to NOVA Gas transmission Limited’s Groundbirch Receipt Meter Station. We are now focused on bringing into service the Sunset Creek Compressor Station at the southern end of the Stewart Lake Pipeline by mid-year. Our second project, also in the T-North system, will build a further 360 mmcf/d of capacity to serve several Montney producers, and will be in service at the end of this year.

There is another market dynamic at play now in the province: liquefied natural gas (LNG), for which Spectra Energy’s premium position is ideal to help develop B.C.’s unconventional gas resources and facilitate access to markets in the Asia-Pacific region.  Spectra Energy’s integrated network is ideally suited and expandable to connect growing supplies to virtually any LNG project along B.C.’s West Coast.

Leading in safety & reliability

We are keenly aware that our license to operate rests with the public’s trust in our ability to manage existing assets and construct new facilities to the highest standards.  We have a long-standing record of safety and reliability, supported by a $220-270 million annual investment in maintenance capital.  We also know that our customers rely on us for continuous service, and in 2011 we proudly delivered over 99 per cent reliability.

Excelling in environmental stewardship & sustainability

At Spectra Energy, we pair market responsiveness and responsible resource development with a profound sense of environmental stewardship, and an eye toward long-term sustainability.  Our performance stands on its own.  We are proud to be named once again to the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America Indices and, recognized as the top energy company on the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.  We also placed within the top 20 on the 100 Best Corporate Citizens list, published by Corporate Responsibility magazine, and were listed in the Ethipshere Institute’s 2012 World’s Most Ethical Companies list.

And, while accolades and honours are commendable, it is the decisions w2e make every day which illustrate the importance we place on balancing economic, environmental, and social values and practices.  We maintain high standards for safe and reliable operations, we greatly value our employees, and we work hard to protect the environment.

Focused on stakeholder engagement

With growth comes responsibility – responsibility that begins well before a project’s launch and continues throughout its operation as we contribute to the economic vitality and social fabric of the communities we serve.  In fact, that’s where our greatest asset lies: our 850 dedicated employees who live and work within the communities where we operate.  From operations to maintenance, land management to capital projects, community investment or community relations, Spectra Energy employees reach out to our stakeholders every day and share our long-term commitment to British Columbia.



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