The Service Center Ltd. marks 25-year anniversary with expanded Canada pipeline public awareness program

The Service Center, Ltd. marks 25 years of leadership and innovation in public awareness services for North American pipeline companies with the announcement of an expanded Canada Pipeline Public Awareness Program.

“Based on 25 years of extensive North American address-mapping experience, our alliance with Canada Post, and our ownership position in Olivan Marketing located in Toronto, The Service Center is uniquely qualified to accelerate expansion of Canada pipeline public awareness campaigns for all stakeholders in all provinces of Canada,” said Randy Musgrove, chief executive officer.

The Service Center provides comprehensive public awareness services for U.S. and Canadian pipeline companies for regulatory compliance in pipeline safety and damage prevention communication to all stakeholder audiences, including the public, contractors, excavators, agriculture, elected officials and emergency responders. The expanded Canada Pipeline Public Awareness Program provides:

  • Address-mapping and precision rooftop locator mapping
  • Address analysis, print and mail services
  • Multi-channel media, website, email, and social communications
  • Printing and mailing bilingual communications conducted in Canada
  • Measurement metrics and compliance documentation
  • Professional guidance by pipeline public awareness experts

For more information about Canada pipeline public awareness, view the website, or call +1 (800) 634-6549.

About The Service Center, Ltd.

The Service Center, Ltd. provides multi-channel marketing and fulfillment services to small, medium and Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and Canada. Founded in 1983, The Service Center has led the marketing industry in technology advancements during a time of unprecedented change. Headquartered in a 112,000-square-foot facility in Houston, Texas, the company has more than 100 employees on staff. Since mapping and postal address services are provided entirely in-house, pipeline clients are assured of total ownership of their technology and data records.

The company holds an ownership interest in Olivan Marketing Ltd. located in Toronto, Ontario, offering a contractual arrangement with Canada Post, and creative, printing, media, and marketing services provided locally in Canada.

Since pipeline awareness services were introduced in 1989, the company has pioneered digital mapping for 25 years, conducted more than 750 pipeline communication projects and more than 450 pipeline project audits.


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