Three reasons the B.C. Based Business Platform is essential for the B.C. oil and gas industry

Sandra Minifie, CEO of Action Health and Safety Services, in Action's reception area in front of the company's B.C.-based business certificate.  (Action was one of the first ESBC members that was certified as a B.C.-based business).

Sandra Minifie, CEO of Action Health and Safety Services, in Action’s reception area in front of the company’s B.C.-based business certificate. (Action was one of the first ESBC members that was certified as a B.C.-based business).

In spring 2012, Energy Services BC (ESBC) announced a new service that will help ensure a strong oil and gas service sector in British Columbia and make certain the oil and gas industry continues to benefit B.C. communities. The BC Based Business Certificate and Procurement System is an online platform that allows certified local B.C. contractors and service firms to receive bid opportunities and contract information from participating oil and gas producers.

The platform was developed in response to three needs in the province’s oil and gas industry:

  • Identification of local B.C. contractors – A large number of oil and gas producers operating in B.C. have been committed to local hire programs over the years. One of the challenges they faced was how to identify which businesses were actually based in the area and what was in fact the definition of a “local” contractor. ESBC’s platform provides an easy way for producers to identify certified local contractors.
  • Bid opportunities for contractors – In addition to identifying local contractors, the program provides oil and gas producers operating in the province a direct line of communication to local contractors. This ensures that B.C. contractors are aware of opportunities and have the information they need to participate in the industry.
  • Local hiring information – The platform also provides producers, communities, and contractors with statistical information on local hiring. This data provides producers with evidence to prove their commitment to local hire programs, provides local contractors with feedback on selection criteria, and gives communities confidence the oil and gas industry is contributing to the local economy.

Support for the procurement system has come from all communities in Northeast B.C. including Pat Pimm, parliamentary secretary for the Natural Gas Initiative and MLA for Peace River North; Blair Lekstrom, the minister of transportation and MLA for Peace River South; Mike Bernier, mayor of Dawson Creek; Bill Streeper, mayor of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality; and Lori Ackerman, mayor of Fort St. John.

“In order for the Northern Rockies to continue to flourish as a vibrant community and as a service centre for development in the Horn River, Liard, and Cordova natural gas basins it is essential that there is a strong local service sector,” says Bill Streeper, mayor of Fort Nelson Northern Rockies Regional Municipality. “The BC Based Business Platform makes it easy for oil and gas producers in the area to identify certified local contractors and communicate contract opportunities in the oil and gas industry. The program is a ‘Win-Win-Win’ for our community, contractors, and producers in the area.”

Pit Pimm is also a supporter of the program.

“The promotion and use of local service sector companies has long been a priority for me in my role as MLA for Peace River North. The Horn River, Liard, Cordova, and Montney shale gas plays all fall within my riding. This program will allow producers to provide more British Columbia service companies opportunities to quote on local projects.”

Energy Services BC is a not-for-profit association that advocates of behalf of companies who provide service and supplies in the energy industry in British Columbia. ESBC welcomes businesses to set up and establish operations in British Columbia that contribute to communities and province in a meaningful way. If you are an out-of-province company that is interested in participating in the BC Based Business program, contact ESBC today to find out how.

ESBC encourages all contractors and services firms that are interested in participating in the B.C. energy industry to register today at


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