Tumbler Ridge: impressive opportunities. Population: 3,000


Tumbler Ridge is not what you think it is – in fact, it’s much more than what you might have heard.  It is a community that continues to redefine what opportunity and quality of life are in Northern B.C. Over the past decade, the town has been a victim of its own success.  Their massive marketing and PR campaign that took place over the course of 2000/01, resulted in the sale of over 900 houses at rock bottom prices to people from all over the world.  Unfortunately, this image of what Tumbler Ridge once was has been etched in the collective memory of most people living outside of the region.  It is with this in mind that the community has resolved to let the rest of the province, and the world, know who they really are today.

The District of Tumbler Ridge is one of the youngest communities in British Columbia. This town of approximately 3,000 people is idyllically situated in the rolling foothills on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, within the Alaska Highway corridor. Gifted with a diverse topography that has earned the community the moniker, ‘”Waterfall Capital of the North”, Tumbler Ridge sits amidst a wilderness of lakes, rivers, and numerous breathtaking falls. The town site itself is reminiscent of a wilderness village resort equipped with all possible recreational amenities, some of which include a multi- million dollar community centre, a network of 47 non-motorized recreational trails, 300 kilometres of snowmobile routes, and the most challenging/scenic nine-hole golf course in Northern B.C.

25-2While Tumbler Ridge’s ‘traditional’ industries continue to thrive, the economic horizon holds the potential for the establishment of new, uncharted development opportunities.  With investigative-use permits issued for virtually every mountaintop, Tumbler Ridge’s wind resources have proven to be a lucrative prospect for new, multi-billion dollar green energy projects being proposed for the area.  The final progression of these projects can stand to bring several years of construction-based activity and a core base of employment.  Most recently, the District of Tumbler Ridge has welcomed Capital Power Corporation and their 72-turbine Quality Wind Project north of the community. The district is also courting biomass companies for the establishment of a wood-pellet manufacturing plant that would create wealth and new employment from beetle-killed forests, while helping to serve the regions transition to greener sources of energy.

Looking ahead, Tumbler Ridge is preparing to accommodate a growing population coming to the community for employment, retirement, and a change of pace.  Not only are they working to secure more product and services options, there is also an immense desire to increase the amount and diversity of housing within the community.  In an era of endless options the current stock of houses, all of which were built in the early 1980s, offer a limited range that may not suit everyone that wishes to relocate.  Tumbler Ridge has an immense amount of affordable, developable land and a foundational base of infrastructure that was originally designed to accommodate up to 10,000 residents.  Estate lots, accessible houses for an aging population and multi-family developments all have a place in the community’s range of desired housing options.

Let it be known that Tumbler Ridge is redefined. It wishes to be viewed by the outside world as a proud, vibrant, diverse, and sustainable community, where life is as spectacular as its natural surroundings.  Tumbler Ridge has already proven that they aren’t going anywhere – now they’re working to reinforce that permanency even further.

For more information please contact Kelly Bryan, Community Development officer at (250) 242-4242, cdo@dtr.ca or visit www.investTumblerRidge.com.


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